See What Marketing Drives Results This Black Friday

Black Friday is coming like a freight train. The team has had a helluva year. You want a ‘win’ for them, maybe even that promotion for yourself.You’re thinking, “We’re doing everything from influencer partnerships to Meta Ads, to Out of Home and TV. If I knew what was actually moving the needle we could smash our goals.”While the dashboards, and last click attribution, are giving you some direction. You’re not feeling confident. Facebook values those remarketing ads too much.It’s gonna take your data scientist 4-6 months to properly attribute everything. You’ve got a couple of weeks.There’s got to be an easier way to see the winning channels, and campaigns, so you can make your goals.

Enter Dass Analytics

Using an old statistical marketing measurement technique, casual inference, adapted for our ‘always on’ marketing age Dass Analytics reports and dashboards give you:

What marketing activities - from influencer posts to TV spots - are actually driving clicks, visits and sales. You know what activities to focus on and what to turn off.

The ‘diamonds in the rough.’ The influencers, channels, ads or unknown Reddit threads that are actually driving a customer to your site or store.

What channels, campaigns and ads to ‘turn off’ because they’re cannibalizing organic traffic, and sales, or are too expensive because of artificial price inflation.

Plus, it's secure + safe. No user-level data is required so you are GDPR + CCPA compliant.

The Process

Week 1Ingest Data + Align on Goals
Week 2Deliver Report + Dashboard
Week 3'Date with Dass Data Scientist' to answer ?'s
Week 4 - 52+Always-on Dashboard + more 'Date w/ Dass'

Want more impressions, clicks and sales for the same spend? Want the clarity of knowing what marketing activities drive impressions, clicks or sales to your stores?

How Does Dass Analytics Work?

Dass Analytics employs ‘Casual Inference’ to determine how a marketing activities drives clicks, visits or sales. It is several multivariate regression models applied to marketing activities and the result you want to measure (i.e. clicks, site visits or sales). Answering ‘would that click, visit or sale have happened anyway or did the marketing activity truly drive it?’

For example, an influencer posts at 9:01am on a Wednesday (Marketing Event A).
Did it create a site visit, or sale (Event B)?
Then it asks “would that sale have happen anyway because of brand awareness or another marketing activity we're doing?”

Companies Leveraging This Analysis

Who is this for?

  • You are a retail brand, or SaaS, company that wants to know what marketing activities actually drive clicks, site visits and sales.

Who isn’t this for?

  • You see under 10 site visits, conversions or sales per day. Unfortunately, it means there isn’t enough data to generate a statistically meaningful analysis for you.

  • You want us to tell you how-to improve ad creative performance. Our analysis shows you what marketing activities, channels and ads move the needle for you. Not how-to change copy, images or ad types to improve views or clicks.

How Much Does It Cost?

1-5% of Your Marketing Budget

Rates vary based on number of channels supported and report frequency. You see your annual investment paid off in 3-6 months.

  • The world's only pixel-less attribution platform. We show brands how marketing activities - from influencers to TV ads - drive results.

  • Results in Dashboards and Reports, + fully trained staff, in 3 weeks.

  • It's more clicks, visits and sales for the same spend.

Want more impressions, clicks and sales for the same spend? Want the clarity of knowing what marketing activities drive impressions, clicks or sales to your stores?

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