See how any marketing activity - from influencers to TV ads - drives visits and sales

Results in dashboards, and reports, in 3 weeks.

It’s the clarity of what is actually driving impressions, clicks or sales. Plus, the surprise of what’s working well. 

How Does Dass Analytics Work?

Using an old statistical marketing measurement technique, casual inference, adapted for our ‘always on’ marketing age.

Several multivariate regression models work together to answer "did that marketing activity - like an influencer post - drive an impression, click or sale or would it have happened anyway?"

Then “did another marketing marketing activity, seasonality, or organic demand actually drive it?" 

It's the clarity of how your marketing activities actually drive results. Plus, what's really creating impressions, visits + sales.

How Can You Help Me?


  • Was it PR, or influencers, that drove in new customers?

  • Where does spending more not give me more impressions+ sales? 

  • How does online marketing drive, Amazon + offline, sales? 

Get clearity + awesome insights.


  • Was it the conference or that CNBC interview that drove in leads last quarter?

  • When is spending more on Google Ads no longer profitable?

  • What is driving people to fill in forms? 

Get clarity + awesome insights.

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