Why I Started DASS Analytics

By | Last Updated: 11 January 2023

I'm building DASS to help marketers and companies get clarity on the activities that drive customers in. Through working with startups to billion dollar businesses, I realized we're asking the wrong question when it comes to understanding if a company's marketing is working.

We need to ask: "Did a marketing activity, like an influencer post, drive in a sale or would it have happened anyway?" This allows companies to see if their marketing activities are actually driving people to buy. It also reveals when spending more on a campaign, channel or activity doesn't return more sales (and profit).

This puts company leaders in the drivers seat. They can see, with accuracy, which activities actually drive sales. No more guessing. This means marketing and sales can be a repeatable, scalable process like production or logistics.

In the past year, I've observed $100M+ in marketing spend have zero impact on sales across my customers and clients. I started DASS to learn from the world’s top marketers, and company leaders, and share tools that allow them to control their destiny.

Over the next 5 years I will also be using this methodology, and technology, to identify companies where bloated marketing spend can be better utilized to drive up revenue or returned to shareholders. Then buying those companies in private equity transactions.

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